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About the Youth Aviation Foundation

Members of Viking Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, looking for a way to fund the purchase of an emergency response center, aviation training facility and meeting place, formed the Youth Aviation Foundation (YAF).  This 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation allows us to fund raise in many ways, and then invest those funds into this much needed facility, as well as provide exposure to aviation to a wide community of young people. 


The idea was proposed by our then squadron commander, Maj. Shannon Bauer.  Today Maj. Bauer is the Board Chairperson, leading our efforts in development of the non-profit corporation.


Other members of the Board of Directors include:

· Lt. Col. Barney Uhlig

· Lt. Col. Paul Thompson

· Maj. Duane Delegard

· Capt. Jim Hetherington


Capt. Scott Frankard, a long-time Viking Squadron member, is our Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  As CEO he leads the day-to-day activities in fundraising, and is responsible for the products seen on this site.  Maj. Alan Matson, former Viking Squadron commander, is our Chief Financial Officer (CFO),  and assists in many of our fund raising endeavors.



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Youth Aviation Foundation

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