Lighted Heads Up Flight Desk

The Heads Up Flight Desk was developed by a certified flight instructor and honors student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  As a result of studies in human factors in aviation safety, he identified several hazards associated with the use of typical aviation kneeboards (and lap desks).


Kneeboards require pilots to move their heads down for viewing important data, and then back up to resume their scan of the flight instruments.  During flight in instrument conditions this head movement could lead to vertigo.  Further, the time required to look down, focus on the data, and then look back up to refocus on their instrument scan is sufficient for the aircraft to depart from the planned flight path.


Flight in visual conditions demands a constant scan outside the aircraft for traffic.  Time spent with your head down in the cockpit takes away from this important scan, and could allow another aircraft to bloom in your windshield.


The Heads Up Flight Desk keeps important information, such as approach plates, navigation logs and airport diagrams up in your field of vision (mounted on the yoke).  This reduces head movement while reading important data, and keeps your eyes closer to the area they need to scan.


While most aviation clipboards have seldom used data printed on their surface, the Heads Up Flight Desk has safety briefings that you will find useful on every flight.  Pre-takeoff briefings, engine failure checklist items, and search and rescue symbols are now right up front, where they belong.


The 6 x 9 inch board is made from aircraft quality aluminum, and the spacer is heavy gauge steel. The clipboard clasp is spring steel and low profile so that it easily fits in your flight bag.  Clip the flight desk to the yoke tube, and use the enclosed Velcro fastener to attach the desk to the yoke.  Clip fits yoke tubes from 3/4  up to 1 1/8 inch in diameter.


The attached LED light provides chart illumination and doubles as a backup source of light for the panel.


You will find this product to be virtually indestructible, which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee.  If it ever breaks in normal use we will replace it for free.  Just send the old one in, with a note explaining how the damage occurred, and we will send you a new one.  Just keep in mind…driving over it with a steam roller would not be considered “normal use”, and that is about what it would take to break one of these!


Two versions available:


HUD2.0ML fits perfectly on the Cessna 172 yoke.  Clips onto the yoke tube and uses included Velcro to attach to the yoke handle.  This is our original product that has sold so well.


HUD-MASTER PILOT uses a RAM System mounting device that fits yoke tubes from 3/4 inch up to 1 1/4 inch diameter, and the unique ball swivel allows for adjusting the viewing angle.  This is perfect for pilots who fly a variety of aircraft.


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Item: HUD2.0ML

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Heads Up Flight Desk.Ask about our Gippsland & Cessna 182 versions!

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